Kindergarten Teacher


Yiwu city, Zhejiang province

Contract Length

1 year

Student Level

3-5 years old students

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

Native speaker

Monthly Salary

22-24k rmb/month

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates


Education Required

Bachelor degree at least

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

Requires: 6

Curriculum: Image English from USA


--Nationality: English Native Country

--Certificate: At least one of the following certificate: TEFL,TESOL,CELTA,PGCE,Teacher Certificate in own country, diploma for Education

--Education Background: Bachelor at least. Major in English. Graduate from top school in his own country.

--Experience: at least 2 years teaching experience in similar position.

Job Benefits

--Monthly Salary: 22K-24K ( related to the teacher's teaching experience and education background)

--Academic-Year Bonus: Equal to one month salary, pay in the middle of August.

--School Holidays(Full Paid): 2-3 weeks Winter Holiday, 5-6 weeks Summer Holiday if the contract period including the summer." Christmas Holiday

--Airfare: 10,000 RMB annually (The first semester only could reimburse up to 5000 RMB), No limited for the destination

--Apartment: Free single apartment with facility and furniture (one bedroom, sperated bathroom, balcony)--Teachers should pay for the water and eletricity"

Medical Insurance: Covered normal medical cost in mainland China

--Meal Benefit: School will offer up to 600 RMB for meals in cafeteria every month. The money will be topped up into your card for meals every month. (This amount could not accumulate.)

--Discount for Children's Tuition: A 60% off discount of Tuition fee is provided by the employer for legitimate children studying at the school within two years of service.

A 80% off discount of Tuition fee is provided by the employer for legitimate children studying at the school starting from over two years of service. Other charges beyond tuition should be paid according to the school regulation."

About the School

Suzhou International Academy, BFSU, is a full-time international school established under the cooperation among the Wujiang People’s Government of Suzhou, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and TIANWU Group, integrating five divisions: kindergarten, primary, junior high, senior high, and international. Located at the Suzhou Bay of Tai Lake, SIA is known as the Eton in China, the PASS base of BFSU, a model school featured in foreign languages and the benchmark of international schools around Yangtze River Delta.

Covering 85,000 m2, SIA has introduced in its buildings the most advanced design concept “the third generation of school architectures” and “minimized consumption architectures”, boasting American style education complex, high-standard classrooms featured in “2 big classrooms plus a smaller one”, super widen corridors, disseminated and diversified study centers, campus atmosphere, suite-like workplace, outdoors balconies, and Chinese cultural experience halls, all covered by temperature and humidity controlled with central ventilation system. It is an ecological and environmental- friendly school with modern European style, adjacent to East Tai Lake Ecological Park, enjoying a breathtaking scenery, advantageous geological location, convenient transportation, in an economically advanced and highly globalized region.

As a high-end and exquisite internationalized school, SIA adheres to the philosophy of “Come Here Go Further”, utilizing its advantages in Chinese and Western education, cultivating global elites characterized in physically and mentally healthy, academically excellent, elegant, and patriotic.