Homeroom teacher



Contract Length

1 year

Student Level

kindergarten students

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

native English speaker

Monthly Salary

21-29k rmb/month

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates


Education Required

Bachelor Degree or above

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

Working time


•Experience working with international schools, preferably in kindergarten setting

•For PYP position, some classroom/homeroom experience is necessary

•For higher salary levels in PYP School, teaching qualification is essential

•All applicants must be able to meet all requirements to receive an English teacher work permit and work visa in China. ]

Job Benefits

•Salary: up to 29,000 RMB

•Private accommodation or housing allowance (3600RMB)

•Stipulated arrival and completion bonuses

•Health insurance

•All fully legal visas, Work Permit Certificate and Residence Permit etc

About the School

Since the first kindergarten was founded in 1993, Golden Apple Preschool Education Group has had over 20 years development history and become one of the most powerful professional group in western area specialized in 2-6 years old preschool education, 1-3 years early year education and child surviving experience. It is a holdings company controlled by Golden Apple Education Investment (Group) Co., Ltd

Golden Apple Preschool Education Group now is running 20 Infant-preschool Transition Centers, 40 wholly owned kindergartens with over ten thousand enrollment children and 3000 teaching staff. There are nine Level-1 departments in the Head Office to support kindergartens high-quality development with remarkable management strength, including Preschool Education Research Center, International Education Exchange Center, Human Resources Center, Logistics Management Center, Administrative Management Center, Healthcare Center, Career Development Center, Planning & Promotion Center, and Information Technology Center.