ESL Teacher



Contract Length

1 year

Student Level

2-12 years old

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

Native Speaker

Monthly Salary

20K +

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates


Education Required

Bachelor or above

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

Employment requirements:

1. Sex: Both

2. Foreign Teacher requires Undergraduate certification, from America, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

3. Contract will be at least 1 year.

4. Age 22-55.

5. Hold TEFL,TESL or TESOL certificate.

6. No bad hobby.

7. No tattoo.

8. 1 year teaching experience.

9. Occupation in home country as a teacher is preferred.

Work Content:

1. Weekly teaching hours will not pass 20hrs.(20 teaching hours, 15hrs of office work), needs to stay in school until end of hours.

2. Teaching course: English language course. Kinder garden class up to high school class, some adult course.

3. Every week during the day will need to visit other kinder garden.

4. Needs to cooperate with the school promotional activities, especially the first month of the start of a new term and holidays, we will count this in the teaching hours.

5. Every class: maximum of 20 pupil.

6. During summer holidays will have 2-3 weeks of working hours, every week working hours may go over 20hrs.

7. Uncle Tom Working Timetable for foreign teachers

The following timetable is the work timetable for foreign teachers. “Work” part is work time and “Class” part is class time. The rest is vacation. Foreign teachers must work and stay at the school in the “work” time. If foreign teachers work for over 25 class hours, Uncle Tom must pay foreign teachers an additional pay of 100 RMB yuan per overtime class hour.

Job Benefits

1. Wage: Teachers wage after tax is 18000 RMB+, pay day will be the 10th of every month.

2. Flight tickets money return: Contract reaches half of a year, reimbursement of one-way ticket 4000RMB, Contract reach 1 year, reimbursement of return ticket: 8000RMB.

3. Off work days: Guaranteed every week 2 days off.

4. Accommodation: provide single apartment , include furniture, electricity, WI-FI.

5. Medial expenses: the school will buy insurance for employees, during time in Uncle Tom(The republic of China mainland China) , if employees gets injured, all the medical expenditure will follow insurance legislation.

6. If employee have family alongside, all cost will be covered by employee itself.

About the School

Uncle Tom was found in 2009, it is a school consisting of English, Chinese, Art and Music courses as its main focus but we also cover British and American study tour, study abroad consulting and Outdoor expansion course. Uncle Tom is the largest training school in Nanchong, covering 3500square meter. It is located inside town center park, beautiful environment, convenient transport, living convenient. We now have around 800 students, rich local tourism resource, for more detail information please visit out website:


Since our school have been set up, in the past years we have been awarded District level excellent training school, District level secure and safe training school, excellent employment award. Since 2009, our school has employed 12 Foreign teachers, on our website we have description of some of our past Foreign teachers. We now have 3 full-time Foreign teachers, two of which is from England and the other from America.