STEAM English Teacher


Many cities in china

Contract Length

1 year

Student Level

2-12 years old

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

Native Speaker

Monthly Salary


Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates


Education Required


Preferred Major


Additional Requirements


You work primarily in the classroom were you are expected to teach STEAM International Education classes and to facilitate a suitable atmosphere for your students to learn successfully. Your specific duties are:

POP Wings classes

WINGS Special Days

WINGS Open Class

Contribute to themed parties (e.g. Christmas, New Year, etc.)

City-specific classes or activities (in some locations)

Class preparation

Ensure proper work and class attendance (follow city-specific rules and regulations)

Provide feedback and motivation in accordance with company policy (e.g. Home Connection, homework communication, semesterly report cards, oral tests)

Communicate with the Chinese Teacher on a regular basis to ensure lesson objectives are met and exceeded

On-going professional development through teacher training

Working Time

Each teacher is expected to have no more than 40 hours of work per week, including teaching and office hours. Working hours may vary based on city and location, however the expected work time is:

Wednesday: 11am-8pm

Thursday and Friday: 2pm-8pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am-5:30pm

Teaching time should not exceed 25 hours per week

Student Management

As a teacher in STEAM International Education you have an opportunity to see your students improve at a fast pace. You will be in close contact with a vulnerable population so it’s important to remember:

Contact between the student and teacher should be appropriate and professional. You should never be alone with a student.

You contribute to the growth and development of these young learners and are helping to shape their impression of English, your culture, and the world.

You are a partner in learning and are expected to communicate with students parents both in- and out- of the classroom (e.g. lessons, through our online application, in the front desk area, etc.)

Centre Image and Maintenance

To ensure the professional image of the centre and your position, you are expected to:

Maintain classroom materials

Clean whiteboards after use

Assist in tidying the classroom after each lesson

Be respectful in the community

Qualifications, Skills, and Requirements

At STEAM International English, you satisfy the following characteristics:

Native or bilingual speaker of English

University degree

TESOL or equivalent certification

Willingness to learn and develop professionally

Job Benefits


Basic salary 16-22,000RMB plus 2000 housing allowance

Z work visa provided

Reimbursement of 10,000 RMB air ticket per year.

Accident and Medical insurance.

11 days+ Chinese statutory holidays paid.

Chinese training including trips, team-building and learning about the culture.

Chinese Festival Allowance

10 days Annual Leave

About the School

The Foreign Teacher reports to the city-level Foreign Teacher Manager, and to the Chinese Teacher Manager in smaller centres.

You will meet with the Foreign Teacher Manager/Chinese Teacher Manager on a weekly basis and you will be asked to attend on-going training and skills development seminars.