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Contract Length

One year

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Monthly Salary


Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates


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Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

The Academic Director of American Programs (ADAP) is a member of the International Education Divisionof the School Business Unit at WEIMING Education Group Team and reports directly to the Director ofAmerican Programs. The working location of this position will be Beijing, Weiming Education Group. The

applicant must understand fully and support enthusiastically and articulately the stated mission andpurpose of the American Programs, both in speaking and writing.

The ADAP is the academic leader of Weiming American Programs and in charge of the overall AcademicManagement and Operation of the program:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities including the following, but not limited to:

1. Curriculum Design

ü Build a scientific academic system which is suitable for the students in international studies department of WEIMING schools according to WEIMING’s Mission and Vision of International education based on the main curriculum;

ü Work closely with each school’s academic director and lead teachers to design curriculum and

related teaching guide;

2. Academic Leading and Managing

ü Lead and Supervise the implementation of American Curriculum, Course of Study, and Student


ü Work within a group to determine the students’ learning progress and adaption of the

curriculum and course of study;

ü Coordinate the schools’ academic directors and leading teachers’ meetings to research and

develop curriculum and courses;

ü Guide International Studies Department of schools to create a scientific teaching timetable for

teachers and students;

ü Communicate closely with WEIMING America to understand WEIMING Overseas students’ learning and adaptability to evaluate our domestic curriculum’s success, and revise accordingly;

ü Seek to establish academic, cultural, experiential, and co-curricular programs that reflect the

best traditions and practices of Eastern and Western teaching and learning;

3. Designing and Implementing Teachers’ PD

ü Design a Professional Development Plan for International Studies Department academic

managers and teachers according to the Curriculum requirement;

ü Build outsourcing PD resources channels;

ü Coordinate PD for academic managers and teachers internally and externally according to

approved PD plan and budget;

ü Train teachers during orientation and scheduled workshops according to the annual PD plan;

4. Teachers’ assessment and evaluation

ü Creating ISD teachers and managerial positions evaluation system;

ü Lead and organize annual teachers’ performance appraisal and provide professional advice for

renewal, awards and encouragement, PD, and so on.

5. Assisting with Staffing International Studies Department(ISD)

ü Assist HRBP of the International Education Division with defining teacher qualification

requirements and managerial positions at International Studies Departments(ISD) of schools;

ü Participate in interviewing international applicants for ISD;

6. Other relevant responsibilities

ü Be responsible for building up connections with international education resources’ channels, including but not limited to government offices, non-government K-12 schools, universities, other educational organizations related with academic, PE, competition, arts exchanges, etc.



1. Valid secondary teaching certificate preferred with necessary endorsements or English as a second language teaching certificate;

2. Master Degree of Education Holders ;

3. At least 3 years’ Secondary School Teaching Experience and 3 years’ high school’s academic

management experience;

4. Non-Criminal Record Certificate

Education: Master Degree of Education or above-

Language Skills: Highly proficient in written and verbal communication, ESL training and/or interest in teaching and working with non-native English speaking students and school faculty.

Technical skills: Ability to use computer technology for research, data management, communications and other instruction.

Reasoning Ability: Highly proficient in Academic managing areas of: reasoning, problem solving, organizational dynamics and emotional intelligence.

Physical Demands: Capability to perform duties normally associated with school management. Medical Check-up required by Chinese government should be satisfied according to relevant procedures.

Work Environment: School building consisting of office space, classrooms and specialty facilities.

Job Benefits


Salary: TBD by placement on School salary scale, annual salary scale is RMB350,000—RMB450,000 including monthly salary and annual performance bonus.


1. Meal Allowance: The employee is eligible for meal allowance every working day

2. Holiday Allowance: Employees may enjoy holiday allowance according to the school’s policy. Normally the holidays refer to Labor Day Holiday, National Day Holiday, New Year, and Chinese Spring Festival.

3. Preferential Policy of Teachers’ Children Entering School: The school will provide tuition-discount enrollment into the school for dependents of one teacher or teaching family according to the school policy.

4. Air tickets Allowance: Up to 10,000 RMB at contract completion (one round-trip flight).

5. Housing Allowance: The school will support with certain amount of housing allowance monthly for renting a well-facilitated two bedroom apartment within 5 KM distance away from the school.

6. Visa Fee: The school will reimburse up to RMB2, 000 in total for visa issuance fees incurred at home and abroad.

7. Commercial Insurance: Including medical insurance, life insurance or social insurance according to related stipulations of the state, province and municipality.

8. Annual Physical Examination: Normally the school will provide annual physical examination free of charge for employees.


Employee will enjoy fully paid public holidays regulated by the government and the company covered in the contract period according to the company’s compensation policy.

About the School


Weiming is a relatively young Group with a history of 19 years. It is the largest private educationalgroup in China, whose educational institutions range from kindergarten to high school with about40,000 students and faculty. Currently our business covers many of the top 20 cities in China includingBeijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Suzhou, and Guiyang, We plan toopen up new kindergartens and schools, and expand our business in 15 of the top 20 cities in China.


In face of the evolving challenges of globalized talent competition, Weiming is committed to makingcontinuous effort to the internationalization of China’s education and the being of the leading providerof international education which enables both academic excellence and individual wellbeing.

In 2012, Weiming Education Group launched its U.S international program. With offices in Michiganand Connecticut, Weiming U.S. aims to equip students with global perspectives and competencies ofthe 21st century.

The US International program is grounded in US Common Core standards with a focus on developmentof English Proficiency for Grade 7 to Grade 11. All Weiming students obtain credits equivalent to USgrade level which easily transfers for enrollment at equivalent grade level in the US.

In 2018, Weiming brought in UCB precollege program (grade 12) and initiated Gifted and TalentedProgram (grade 1~12, supporting the top-notch students to apply for U.S. top universities throughenhancing their foundational literacy, polishing their global competency and cultivating their characterand personality.