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One Year

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Academic Coordinator:

The Teaching Assistant to the Director is a member of the school’s leadership team, aliaison between the school and Weiming HQ and an educational and moral role modelto our students and faculty.

The Teaching Assistant to the Director reports to the Director of Academics of theAustralian Program.

Key roles:

Supervision — Communication — Coordination


- Guarantees the implementation of the Academic Standards of the Australian Program.- Reports teachers’ and students’ progress to the Director of Academics periodically.

- Collects feedback from teachers and students regarding assessments and assessments’ progress.

- Supervises the implementation of the Assessments Outline and reports any delays to the Director.

- Organize school’s assessments and manage their deadlines between teachers and students.

- Controls the quality and integrity of the exams and assessments and reports any infractions to the Director.

- Controls the quality of the reported grades and their adherence to the standards set by the Director of Academics.

- Enhances cooperation and coordination between teachers and between teachers and school’s management — both academic and managerial cooperation.

- Guides new teachers through the procedures and norms of the Australian Program.

Job Benefits


2、Other benefit:Negotiable

About the School

The Weiming Education Group has undergone a development journey of nearly 20 years. It started from one school and developed into a group of over 40 schools. It started with an affiliation of a well-known school and developed and established its own brand. It started from carrying forward the tradition and drawing from the experience of others and developed into exploration and innovation. The Weiming Education feels proud of its past and is more confident in the future. The future of the Weiming Group is also the future of not only China’s private education, but 21st century education worldwide!