Academic Training Director



Contract Length

One Year

Student Level

5-14 Years Old

Start Date


Eligible Candidates


Monthly Salary


Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates


Education Required


Preferred Major


Additional Requirements


1. Create effective teachers training system which incorporate strategy and mission, build a sustained learning environment within Elan teachers’ team.

2. Prepare annual training budget and control training cost

3. Collect training needs from each region and deliver high quality training program includes but not limited to official orientation sessions for new teachers, assign and assist teachers in the development of lesson plans and teaching materials, demonstrations of instructional methods and pedagogy and follow up class observation which based on deep understanding of Élan’s business needs.

4. Set up yearly, quarterly and monthly training plan

5. Create an engaging learner experience in each training class with various training strategies, deploy metrics to track progress and evaluate the training results

6. Cooperate with curriculum research, development, implement and revise

7. Interview potential incoming staff and assist HR in providing sound recommendations.

8. Other tasks arranged by the company


l Bachelor's Degree required – Education, English or Business preferred

l 5+ years of academic management/leadership experience

l Strength in thinking, organizing, Strong interpersonal and communications skills, good ability in logical analysis and problems solving

l Skills in PPT making, developing courseware independently, rich teaching experience with humorous style and infectious;

l Rich experience in training process, including training needs research, courses development and teaching, organizing training and evaluating training results.

l Chinese language skills are a plus

Job Benefits


Other Benefit:Negotiable

About the School

Elan schools are English learning centers that provide international enrichment programs for Chinese K-G6 local and international students. They are designed to improve students’ language skills, thinking skills, problem solving abilities and knowledge of global culture. Elan offers guided independent reading programs to students between the ages of 5-15. We promote independence with our extensive library program consisting of over 10,000 audiobooks and regular books, and complement this behavior with specialized literature and writing classes. Our programs will help students to become independent English readers and master English as a lifetime language skill, enabling them to enter the best high schools and universities later in the USA and elsewhere.