Mathematic teacher


Tianjin, China

Contract Length

2 years

Student Level

15-16 years old (grades 9)

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

Native speakers or Nonnative speakers with good pronunciation

Monthly Salary

RMB 20-32k

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates


Education Required

Bachelor Degree or above

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

1.Bachelor Degree or above

2.Age required:At least 22 years old

3.at least 2 years MS math teaching experiences

Job Benefits

1.Salary:RMB 20-32K

2.Free accommodation

3.Offer meals

4.Chinese legal holidays and Western holidays

5.Airport pick up

6.A Z visa.

About the School

Haileybury, Australia’s largest independent school, operates Australia’s first international school in China, where it teaches both the Australian VCE and Chinese curricula. It is situated near Beijing and caters to

Chinese students seeking an international future. The school was established in 2013 as a Chinese private school and currently enrolls 650 students in Grades 1-12. Most students board at the School and are generally seeking a pathway to

overseas universities upon graduation. The staff is a mixture of international and bilingual local teachers.

Haileybury is an unusual international school. It is a Sino-Australian school, which means that

it brings together the best of Australian education with the best of Chinese education. Elements of the School are very familiar to western teachers, in particular the Senior School program and its pedagogy, but there are times when a more Chinese approach is adopted, such as in the boarding houses. International teachers are drawn from Australia and other western countries and work alongside bilingual Chinese teachers. The juxtaposition of eastern and western cultures is one of the most exciting elements of professional practice at Haileybury.