English Teacher


Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Contract Length

1 year+

Student Level

kendergarten students、primary school students

Start Date

August 2020

Eligible Candidates

native English speaker

Monthly Salary

16k-28k rmb/month after tax

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates

Good degree or equivalent qualification

Education Required

Bachelor Degree or above

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

Job Description:

1.Planning and delivering lessons to young learners (age 3-6) in our international kindergarten

Or Teach English to the school students from 7-15 years old.(for International Division)

Or Teach English to the school students from 7-12 years old.(for National Division)

2.Using electronic media and courseware to teach English efficiently and creativity.

3.Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement

4.Participating in social activities with students organized by the kindergarten

5.Maintaining regular office hours

Qualification :

1.Native English speaker

2.At least 2 years related-teaching experience

3.Major in Art、Linguistics or Math、Science、PE is preferred (for International Division)

Or Major in Linguistic or Education is preferred (for National Division)

3. Open-minded, an adventurous spirit,caring and professional flexibility

4.Clear background without any crime record

5.Two years post bachelor degree (or above) teaching experience in Asian countries preferred

6.Experience traveling internationally and/or working abroad preferred

Job Benefits

  1. Competitive Salary :195k-340k rmb / year
  2. Housing Allowance 2500 RMB/month.(school can help find accommodation)
  3. Free meal provided
  4. IB course training (every year)
  5. Working visa provided
  6. Medical insurance provided
  7. Teaching books and material provided
  8. full pay in winter holiday and summer holiday.
  9. Airfare Allowance 12000RMB provided every year.
  10. Settling Allowance 6500 RMB (first year only)
  11. Chinese national holidays provided
  12. Christmas holiday provided

About the School

Peking University Experimental School - PKUES, approved and endorsed by Beijing University and Beijing Municipal Education Bureau in 2001, is co-founded by Beijing University and Beida Jade Bird Group. It is a K-12 continuum boarding school. The school adheres to the glorious tradition of "patriotism, progress, democracy and science”; carries forward the PKU spirits of "freedom of thought, inclusiveness”; adheres to the fine scholarship of "diligent, rigorous, realistic and innovative", fully relies on the advantages of the Peking University, and its high quality education resources, focuses on exploration and practice in the field of education.

PKUES adopts the philosophy of "embracing the spirit of Peking University, broadening the nature of education", pays attention to every child for their inclusive education and personality development, to develop “virtues, talents, communication, aesthetics and physical capacity”, strives to build a modern elite school with Peking University spirit heritage, the heritage of Chinese traditional culture and sustainable development.

PKUES stresses on internationalized and school-based curriculum with differentiated development, it’s family members including some excellent schools such as PKUES at Beijing, at Nanning, at Zhuhai, at Chengdu etc.

So far, PKUES has successfully founded nearly thirty schools in China, concentrated in the North China, East China, Southern China and the Southwest region, forming a strong group of schools.