PE teacher and management position



Contract Length

1 year+

Student Level

kendergarten students

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

native English speaker

Monthly Salary

20k-28k rmb/month

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates

A TESOL/TESL/TEFL qualification

Education Required

Bachelor Degree or above

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

Title: Concord Academy PE Teacher

Line Manager: Executive Head / Group Leader

Work Location: Xuhui and Changning Campus ,Shanghai

Position Summary

Be an excellent and creative classroom practitioner to manage and responsible for teaching, learning, classroom management and students’ health and safety. To Communicate accurately and fluently in spoken and written English and work on the curriculum across Early Years. To participate in all kinds of meetings, trainings and reviews or activities relating to continuing professional development.

Teaching, learning and Classroom Management :

-Establish medium term plans for themes throughout the academic year. Ensuring coverage and inclusion of international aspects

-Be responsible for the school’s physical education programme as well as contribute and grow the class’s extracurricular programs and whole-school activities.

-Be an effective role model regarding behaviour and expectations, effectively following the behaviour policy of the sc

-Support all students’ development, targeting support to address individual needs

-Be able to report back to the principal on student progress in PE . Keep records and evidence to support judgements on standards in PE, at both Kindergartens.

-Ensure planning reflects the needs and stages of development of students in your class. -Enhance areas of learning and plan for challenge and support where necessary

-Make effective use of the school’s ICT resources, ensuring they enhance teaching and learning

-Lead on an agreed area of Early Years PE across the Xuhui and Changning Kindergartens

-PE teachers should expect to undertake any other reasonable duties for the further development of the school including providing support cover to a class where a foreign tecaher may be absent

Duties and Responsibilities

-Be an excellent and creative practitioner, planning, teaching and assessing students most specifically in the area of PE

-Be responsible for the health and safety and Safeguarding of students

-Have a positive impact on educational progress, establish and maintain accurate assessment records, identify accurate next steps for students and produce informative reports to parents;

-Communicate accurately and fluently in spoken and written English;

-Attend regular year group and team meetings, contributing fully and sharing good practice

-Participate in review meetings and lesson observations to support the development of teaching and learning;

-Work productively within your class team, year group team and Early Years team for the benefit of teaching and learning and continuing professional development.;

-Contributing effectively to the wider aspects of the school, e.g. extracurricular activities;

Other tasks as assigned by the line manager.


-Bachelor degree or above;

-A formal teaching qualification and at least 2 years’ PE teaching experience as an excellent music teacher;

-The capability and experience of teaching expertly and confidently within the Early Years or Key Stage One age range;

-A willingness to accommodate the needs of students with varied linguistic ability;

-Commitment to the wellbeing and pastoral care of all students within the class;

-Excellent administrative, organisational and ICT skills;

-Experience of working overseas or with international students would be an advantage;

Job Benefits

-Salary: 20k-28k rmb/month

-Accommodation allowance: 8k(single)/9k(married)/10k(married with kid)

-A Z Visa

-Health insurance

-Paid Holiday:

11 public holidays (Chinese calendar) per year, also offered 5 days Christmas holidays and 4 weeks of summer vacation and 10 days of winter vacation paid

Health Insurance

Basic health insurance (Great China coverage)

Flight Allowance

Flight tickets reimbursement (economic class) up to 8,000 RMB per year

About the School

Kangwen kindergarten is located in xuhui binjiang, Shanghai, providing real bilingual education for Chinese and foreign children aged 2 to 6.Senior students are preferred to be admitted to sister school: Shanghai concord bilingual experimental school.The teaching environment friendly and equipped with first-class teaching facilities.The English part of the integrated curriculum adopts the British early education system (EYFS) and the British curriculum for the first year.The Chinese language course adopts the second phase of Shanghai curriculum reform.STEM and reading are the core drivers of the curriculum.Our Chinese and English teachers team have rich experience in early childhood education and all have formal teaching qualifications, so as to make the best preparation for children's future international education.