Mathematic teacher


Dongguan, Guangdong

Contract Length

1 year+

Student Level

Grade 1-8

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

native English speaker

Monthly Salary

25k-35k rmb

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates

Good degree or equivalent qualification

Education Required

Bachelor degree or above in the related subject

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

  1. Native English speaker with excellent verbal and written English language skills;
  2. Bachelor's Degree or higher degree of math related subjects supported with a teaching certificate/training
  3. An effective teaching practitioner;
  4. Competent in the use of ICT and software/hardware based teaching resources
  5. A proven ability to bring about improvements in the quality of teaching and learning across a curriculum area that results in improved outcomes for students;
  6. Strong working knowledge of an international curriculum esp. on American common core;
  7. Committed to the protection and safeguarding of children;
  8. Passionate and ambitious about the success of Tsinglan School;
  9. An effective communicator;
  10. Experience of teaching children for whose English is an additional language is preferred;
  11. Previous experience of teaching within an ESL or start-up environment will be advantageous
  12. Flexibility, patience and team spirits are also desirable assets

Job Benefits

1.Salary: 25k-35k

2.Accommodation allowance: 5k

3.A z-visa

4.Health Insurance

About the School

Tsinglan School is a K-12 international school committed to blending the best of Chinese and Western education philosophies and practices. The School is managed by Tsinghua High School.Curriculum at Tsinglan School is built upon the Tsinghua High School International Curriculum, which integrates Chinese and Western education philosophies, blends the best domestic and international educational practices, and delivers a unique international education with Chinese heritage and Tsinghua characteristics.