English Teacher



Contract Length

1 year

Student Level

3-5 years old

Start Date


Eligible Candidates

native English speaker

Monthly Salary

20K-23K rmb

Qualifications and Requirements

Required Certificates

A TESOL/TESL/TEFL qualification

Education Required

Bachelor Degree or above

Preferred Major


Additional Requirements

Location: Suzhou

Devision: Kindergarten (Nursery School)

Starting date: Aug, 2020

Age of Students: 3-5 years old

Curriculum/Textbook: Image English from USA


Nationality: English Native Country

Certificate : At least one of the following certificate: TEFL,TESOL,CELTA,PGCE,Teacher Certificate in own country, diploma for Education

Education Background: Bachelor at least. Major in English. Graduate from top schooll in his own country.

Experience: at least 2 years teaching experience in similar position.

Working Time: 7:40-11:40; 13:00-17:00 Monday to Friday

Job Benefits

Monthly Salary: 20K-23K

Apartment: Free single apartment with facility and furniture (one bedroom,one living room, sperated bathroom, balcony)(Teachers should pay for the water and eletrocity)

Meal Benefit: School will offer up to 600 RMB for meals in cafeteria every month. The money will be topped up into your card for meals every month. (This amount could not accumulate.)

Academic-Year Bonus: Equal to one month salary, pay in the middle of July

Paid leaves:

About the School

北外苏州附校幼儿园拥有国际化的教育理念,致力于创设安全、温馨、国际化的活动场所,秉持把最宝贵的东西给予儿童。依托北京外国语大学优势,营造纯正独特的英语氛围,以美国《高瞻课程》为基础,构建北外苏州附校特色课程体系 。从小让孩子学会以宽容、接纳的态度去了解中西方多元文化,在充满关怀、信任、尊重和包容的氛围中,使幼儿尽展多元潜能,帮助儿童按其自身规律获得自然和自由的发展。