School Information

Universities that offer four-year or five-year undergraduate degrees to award academic degree qualifications; postgraduate and doctoral programs are only offered at universities.

Colleges that offer three-year diploma or certificate courses on both academic and vocational subjects.

University/college pay less than other schools or institute, but teachers also work fewer hours (no office hour at all) and have longer and more frequent holidays. You will also have to create your own lesson plans, and be given leeway in teaching methods.

General Job Description

Standard Workload:

  • A Maximum of 20 Teaching hrs/week + No office hours = No more than 20 hrs/week
  • Monday to Friday work schedule with Saturdays and Sundays off
  • Vacation: Legal holidays + Winter/Summer holidays

Student Age: 18-22

Class size: 6-12;30-50

Salary & Benefits

Post Treatment cases

  • Monthly salary: 7,000 – 15,000 RMB
  • Free accommodation or House allowance
  • Flight reimbursement
  • Various types of bonuses
  • Legal ‘Z’ work visa and residence permits provided
  • 11 days national Chinese public holidays plus summer and winter vacations
  • Health insurance
  • Airport pickup
  • Promotion opportunities

This is an example of a typical salary package for ESL university teaching jobs in China.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • TEFL certificate preferred
  • Previous English teaching experience required
  • Between 22 and 55 years old

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